Sure you want to release another "home studio sounding" album?

If your answer is no, let's work on it! Let's optimize your production.

Hello, I'm Angelo Emanuele Buccolieri and if you have ended up here, you probably want more information about me and how I can help you.

Seeing how perfectionist I am, let me tell you that you are a bit masochist.

In fact, I have a rigorous work method that I have practiced during the last 6 years that has allowed me to reach a high standard level, for all types of budgets. This method of work entails 3 fundamental points:

1. I listen to you

Something classic in my field is to not listen to the artist, to look at he/she with superiority and to minimize the importance of his/her feelings.

I am the professional figure that allows the artist to reach his/her audience, and I don't finish a job until all the passion used when composing, arranging and recording the disc is transmitted.

2. I choose my clients

I like to consider my clients an elite!

I couldn't imagine working with a material that I don't like and I´m not passionate about, as old-fashioned as it seems, I couldn´t, for me it's essential to be able to read the texts and interpret the emotions of the composer.

3. My work is my passion ... and my passion is my job.

Those who work in the world of music know that in many cases it is considered a hobby, and not a job ...

I'm proud to do a job that I love, and that's why I like to be respected.

I have a professional approach, respecting my delivery times, the requests of my clients, advising them and payments.

"Well Angelo, but who are you to say this?"

You're right, I still haven't introduced myself properly, but I'm not going to bore you with my story because I've worked in the industry for more than 15 years (yes... I know what you'll be thinking, I started very young), and I would have a lot of things to say, below is a brief summary of what I do.

WireWorld Studio

In 2012 I worked with Michael Wagener as an intern first and as an assistant after having showed up my skills. While I was working there I wrote an article for a website which had thousands of readings.

What they say about me?

I have worked in more than half of the European countries and in "Music City", Nashville, Tennessee. To date, satisfied customers are very numerous and continue to increase. After having had the pleasure of working with great professionals in the field, some of them left me some opinions:

But why the 90% of the artists who release an album don't receive the feedback they expect?

Have you ever wondered why many artists, when they finally came to the releasing of their album, for which they spat blood and sacrificed months of work, are not rewarded with good reviews and sales?

I suppose your answer will be: "it's internet's fault, free streaming and free download". But are you really sure about it?

Without any doubt these new media have reduced sales, but the leveling of emerging artists isn't caused by Internet, but it's because of the lack of ability of the artists themselves to create a professional "package" that starts from an excellent composition, excellent production and ends with an equally excellent marketing strategy for the development of the promotion.

Imagine the audience as people who want to buy a car in an ideal world where all cars cost € 14.99 (like the disk for example).

There are two possibilities:


A- Fiat Panda

B- Ferrari California T


Both products have similar projecting times and both manufacturers can show off a "Know-How" of more than 50 years, but I'm sure to know which one you would choose.

In fact, hundreds of times it has happened to me to listen to albums full of great ideas, created by capable artists, but they have never break through.

Although I can not say that all the albums with a great sound are successful, I can say with absolute certainty that ...

in 2018 there is not a successful album with a mediocre production!

Artists who have not achieved satisfactory results certainly didn't worked with the right sound engineer and have preferred to do everything themselves, thinking that it was a secondary process, or they recorded in a recording studio that does not take into account the sound of the group and just applied some "Presets" like an assembly line.

Ok, of course I am partial. It's my job. 🙂

However, I have good reason to say it. For example, if you don't have the correct production:


    On average, a listener evaluates the quality of a song in the first 23 seconds. Without a great sound, many of your potential listeners will not go further.


    After spending months and months between the rehearsal room and the pre-productions, releasing an album that doesn't reach the quality standards means that you have lost your time.


    You will not have anything in your hands. Nobody remembers an artist or a band for their demos. Nowadays an album with an impersonal sound and without quality is not more than a long demo.

The solution:

Trust a sound engineer who can build "YOUR SOUND", who cooperates with you and encourages you to take your production to a higher level without spending more money than your budget. This is what you will get:


    Remember the famous 23 seconds? Well, your audience, besides being in front of a professional and detailed sound, will immediately be able to recognize you and finally define "your sound"!


    In most cases the budget is wasted unnecessarily. It is useless to throw money in directions that don't lead to any quality improvement! Offering "tricks", learned with experience, to save a LOT without losing quality is part of the skills of a capable and professional sound engineer.


    When you're recording an album, it's because you want this to be your fingerprint! What you will have in your hands will be a great product, this will always remain as a resume and as part of your musical history.

"Ok Angelo, I want to work with you but ... what's the name of your studio?"

Which of the many? I work in several studios in Europe as a freelancer, I move according to the needs of my clients, from low budget studies to large multi-room studios. I also have my own studio in Italy, a mixing room in Tenerife and I offer online recording services directly from my control room recording the musician from the other part of Europe...

Always guaranteeing quality production the same as international standards.

I'll make it easy for you

Contact me for a FREE CONSULTING related to your musical project, in a few minutes you will have clear ideas about:

  1. how to organize your recordings so that it fits your BUDGET;
  2. what can be the weak points of the production chain and how to improve them;
  3. which recording studio is best suited to your needs;
  4. what will be the equipment that you can't live without.

You will also receive advice directly from me on how to better prepare the material to manage the recording.

  • Mixing and production

    This is my main service, I’m a sound engineer after all, right? I always work trying to get the artist’s soul with an impacting and exclusive sound.

  • Online streaming consulting

    Let me listen to your mix, let’s work together on it. You will be the sound engineer and I will help you turn your mix into a professional mix. Innovative, right? Try this service, you will be surprised!

  • Online recording (New!)

    And here the icing on the cake. Do you want to record by yourself and do not know how? I can help you. 😉 Believe me this is an exclusive service that allows me to record the client from my control room with very low latency. It will be like a real studio just with a control room and a recording room miles away. Don’t you not trust? You will be amazed!